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Today is the big day! We’ve worked very hard during last few weeks, but now we can show you a 0.89 version of our XBOX 360 Emulator!

We’ve fixed all known bugs and troubles and also added some great features!

  • new, AWESOME resolution added – 1280x1024px
  • ISO-loader is now even faster!
  • our XBOX 360 Emulator now supports one-core computers up to 1024×768 resolution
  • all crashes fixed!

Download (installer-downloader)

Mirror 1

Version 0.89 (January 2014)

46 Responses to “Version 0.89”

  1. Fantastika2:

    Thanks man works great

  2. Janet:

    thx for link

  3. kutamaru:

    nice software, new version works perfectly!

  4. HipHopDude:

    Thank you much. Works great even though sometimes the fps drops below 10

  5. Habiz:

    thx much mate

  6. Rasputin:

    Thanks!!! Greetings from Russia :)

  7. Kinezos:

    Greetings from Greece! Works great! Thanks much! :D best emulator nobody knows

  8. Trollolo:

    i’ve arrived here from GREAT SOFTWARE

  9. Terry_1994:

    What features will would we expect in future?

  10. 613 SATon:

    i’ve tested the new BETA. Everybody download it :) )

  11. Wiki2050:

    unfortunately I have too old PC to using resolutions higher than 800×600, but I understand that it’s impossible to create a XBOX 360 Emulator for worse computers


  12. anon:

    Seems good. Gonna download to try it

  13. Bogdano:

    Thank you!!!

  14. snook_63:

    works great, thx

  15. GAM3R:

    Good, but I sometimes have crashes (average 1 during 2-3h of game)

  16. admin:

    #GAM3ER: We’re sorry. It sometimes just happens. Wait for the new version. We fixed some bugs and it should work well now for most people

  17. Elnézést azt meg lehetne oldani hogy emulátort felrakják a ra me én erről 3 oldarol nem tudom letölteni az emulátor-t előre is köszönöm :D

  18. DreamTheater:


  19. lamino93:

    nice, thanks a lot

  20. Dzejkob:

    works perfectly, thx m8

  21. bad_company:

    Why do you publish that AWESOME software for free? You could earn on it.

  22. admin:

    #bad_company: I have a lot of projects, don’t worry about my earnings :)

  23. admin:

    #Patrik: Can you write this again in English? ;)

  24. Zelenozer:


  25. gary1:

    Nice share.

  26. Annie1993:

    I love you :)

  27. hans_trebl:


  28. hiroh:

    thanks a lot. great emulator

  29. kremator62:

    Thank you. It works on my friend’s computer, but my laptop is too weak.

  30. Alastor:

    perfect APP, thx

  31. polishman:

    WOOOW, i didn’t expected that it works!

  32. mires:

    you rock! great software!

  33. fisher16:

    Well done.

  34. Paul:

    why the download is not work? please give me download thx :)

  35. lost mc:

    I cant download this file
    please upload somewhere else
    thank you a lot

  36. Patrik91:

    Patrik v2 ENG VERSION!
    I’m sorry that it could be solved in the emulator subsequently loaded on to me about three oldarol not I download the emulator, I thank you :D

  37. xgamer:

    i believe you but i can’t download it . can you upload it on rapidshare ,please ?

  38. ulinco:

    Downloaded. Thanks!!

  39. admin:

    #Paul: Download works perfectly :)
    #lost mc & xgamer: I will upload it on other site, but now I’m very far from home and I don’t have access to my computer.

  40. xgamer:

    #admin:YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. HamidM3:

    plz upload to rapidshare . I Cant Download. PLZ check the mirror 1 (mediafire)

  42. TheMasquerade98:

    thank you, I hope that this emulator could with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

  43. camiiv:

    WOW, works perfectly

  44. janine:


  45. fidah:


  46. admin:

    Due to many requests, new direct link mirror added! :)

  47. Super_Cranky:

    Can My PC Run It Fast (Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz – Sapphire HD 6750 1GB GDDR5 – Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333MHz)

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